Friday, January 20, 2017


Wearing: Nasty Gal jacket hand painted by Esther Kim, thrifted floral blouse, jeans were a gift (thanks Mum) and Dr Martens.

I'm super excited to have this amazing mini biker jacket back in my wardrobe- it's by NastyGal and vegan leather but my favourite thing about it is the design on the back is by Korean-based artist Esther Kim. I couldn't stop wearing it when I went back home to visit friends and family in Melbourne, but it's too hot to wear at the moment (unless you're indoors). These boots are also new and technically, my second pair of Dr Martens. In case you're wondering, I have three pairs of Dr Martens because I'm an obsessed fangirl who also happens to love shoes (what are the odds). My mum also bought me some solid basics, like more skinny jeans which will prove to be super useful as the weeks and months progress.

Dream Wedding Dresses from Okdress

No one does fashion forward bridal wear quite like Okdress, which is why I’m super excited to bring you a selection from their latest collection, which celebrates classic silhouettes and contemporary details. Established in 2013, Okdress have become one of the top wedding dress UK stores, creating beautiful gowns for brides (and their best friends) everywhere. Whether you’re in search of something structured or sheer, elegant or modern, every single one of these fashion forward and versatile designs can be paired with different hair and makeup looks, as well as accessories to create a look that expresses your own individual sense of style. On your wedding day, there's nothing more important than feeling comfortable with what you wear but also capturing that particular energy and excitement every bride feels.

Priding themselves on their delicate details and precisely the right amount of bravado, their selection of dresses offers a return to authentic femininity linked to intimate with a subtle elegance.
For the bride searching for somethinga little more daring, there are plenty of figure hugging dresses which feature intricate lacework, striking the perfect balance between celebrating femininity with a bit of sass.

Featuring an array of stunning gowns featuring V necks and deep V backs, carefully placed appliques and signature soft drape skirt, their selection of vintage inspired wedding dresses are anything but ordinary. With some pieces made from soft ivory silks and antique inspired lace, the beauty of these pieces is really brought to life in a woodland setting or open field. The detail on the backs of many of these dresses, whether it be stunning silken bows or buttons is just as lovly as the detail around the sleeves or bodice. The contrast of the gowns against the green grass really allows the natural beauty of the bride to shine. Maybe it’s the delicate lines or the luxurious beading. Or perhaps it could be the perfectly worked details. Either way we can all agree that Okdress gowns have a certain je ne sais quoi. Choose to wear them with either a traditional veil or for the more modern and relaxed bride, a stunning floral crown tucked into pinned up hair. Whatever the case may be, the results are sure to be nothing short of spectacular.

Inspired by the idea of understated glamour, many of the designs boast show stopping, graceful silhouettes combined with intricate hand beading and full, feminine skirts. It’s for those reasons and many more that Okdress has reached the top of every fashion forward bride’s wish list. The wide selection of new wedding dress designs are perfect for the bride looking for something less traditional whilst still encapsulating the timeless romance of a bride. Each dress is carefully crafted by a team of talented artisans in China, these gowns made using a selection of quality fabrics including silks, lace and embellishment radiate feminine charm, whilst also emphasising the beauty of a woman’s neck, shoulders and silhouette. Tailoring takes less than a fortnight, and you can even order a custom sized dress to fit your specific measurements, no matter what the dress. There’s beauty to be found in each and every single gown, and although I’m absolutely obsessed with these stunning wedding dress designs, the Mysterious Ivory Floor length Tulle Sleeveless Wedding Dress is quite possibly my favourite. Although if I am being completely honest, the Royal Tulle Natural Long/Floor length Sweetheart Wedding Dress was a close second. 

Although many of the designs are somewhat nostalgic, these simple yet elegant designs encompass femininity with a contemporary twist. It’s the careful addition of pearls and embellishment in artful arrangements which elevate these dresses from something pretty to stunning. Take for example the strands of beads scattered across the sheer cape of this off white dress, drawing the eye to the jeweled bustier. The overall effect is simply breathtaking and another reason why wedding dress with sleeves are proving so popular at the moment. Okdress update their blog regularly, providing a constant inspiration for brides to be unsure of how they should style their dream wedding dress. Brides have always searched for one thing, and that is quite simply, a dress that makes her feel wonderful. The Okdress online store is a treasure chest of stunning designs, contemporary and those inspired by the past.

Thursday, January 19, 2017

How Very

Vintage style always seems much more magical and chic when viewed through the lens of a movie, case in point Heathers starring everyone's favourite, Winona Ryder. Or when a fashion editor gives it a new lease on life and is snapped by street style photographers, as is true for @shortstoriesandskirts. FYI the shirt is from the Vivetta Resort 2017 collection.

Aisle Style

There’s something utterly magical about the moment a bride walks down the aisle. Time stands still, and her lucky groom is overwhelmed by longing, waiting for the exchange of vows, rings, and their first kiss as husband and wife. It’s moments like these that inspire online retailer, Aisle Style to curate an extensive collection of beautifully crafted wedding dresses which capture the romance and anticipation of the moment. Professional dressmakers spend hours transforming a dress from pretty to breathtaking with the application of hand sewn embellishment or the artful arrangement of beautiful appliqu├ęs. 

For the bride-to-be searching for sensual and classically beautiful gowns, Aisle Style’s range of Lace wedding dresses are the stuff fairy tale endings are made of. The designs emphasise the natural beauty of the female figure, elevating it to that of the greatest works of art with necklines which flatter the beauty of a woman’s neck and shoulders. In contrast, their soft feminine bodices place emphasis on the curves of her bust and back. Their backless dresses combine the best of the past and present, featuring lacework and embellishment rivalling the beauty of a blushing bride. 

The ideal wedding dress captures the individuality of the wearing, whilst also combining character with beauty and grace. For Wedding dresses 2017, brides will be wearing dresses which are timeless, feminine and effortlessly cool. Aisle Style carry a range of gowns which offer beautiful movement and stunning details that are sure to highlight the feminine curves of the bride. Although I’m obsessed with each and every gown, the Boho Vinatge Bateau dress and Rustic Chiffon Wedding Dress are my absolute favourites.

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Adwoa Aboah

An activist, model, role model to young women and nominated Model of the Year at the 2016 Fashion Awards. Her face has graced the cover of Vogue Italia, and campaigns for H & M and Calvin Klein (alongside FKA Twigs and Kendall Jenner), but Adwoa Aboah is more than just a pretty face. The young Brit caused waves in 2016 when she opened up about her struggle with addiction and depression in a video created for the “What’s Underneath Project” an initiative formed by StyleLikeU. Like other participants before her, Adwoa removes an item of clothing with each question to show that true style is about being comfortable in your own skin. In late 2015 she started Gurls Talk, which is in the process of being recognised as a formal charity. "Gurls Talk is my baby," she says. "It's just about opening up a space within schools where we as women and girls can talk about whatever we want." At its core, it Gurls Talk spreads a larger message of honesty and openness for young women, but also tackle issues like depression, drugs, and overcoming self-hate which Adwoa herself has faced. Online the handle and accompanying hashtag spreads inspirational messages to promote gender equality and in turn, breed female solidarity. 

In addition to all her work for Gurls Talk, Adwoa still dominates the runway and all other spheres of the fashion industry. She’s worked with some of my favourite designers including but not limited to Simone Rocha, House of Holland, Shrimps and towards the end of 2016 secured campaigns for Marc Jacobs and Roberto Cavalli. Her undeniably British sensibilities, natural born curiosity and passion on social issues also make her a perfect candidate for i-D Magazine's YouTube channel. No stranger to what’s taboo, she participates in the "free the nipple" movement in one such video, and probes into the world of female bikers in the next. She’s utterly aware of her mortality as a working model, but it’s that very same restlessness which fuels her hunger to work towards promoting equality. Her transformation over the years has been nothing short of incredible, opting to shave off all her hair and give her iconic freckles greater emphasis. One can only hope that 2017 is holds even bigger and better things for the career of such a bright young spark, and Gurls Talk.