Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Dinosaur Canyon

It all started back in 1999 when David Elliott, a sheep and cattle grazier from Winton in outback western Queensland, was mustering a mob of sheep when he spotted what looked like the end of a massive dinosaur bone. As luck would have it, he was right. The bone was one end of a femur, and belonged to, what was at the time, the largest dinosaur in all of Australia. Fast forward to Easter 2017 and the Australian Age of Dinosaurs, a non-for-profit organisation and dinosaur museum opened its outdoor exhibition, Dinosaur Canyon. It consists of several galleries featuring life-size bronze statues of dinosaurs, a garden filled with Cretaceous age plants and a stunning building with three life-size statues of its own, a barbeque area, bathrooms and drinking water. 

It was touching to bear witness to Dinosaur Canyon’s opening, to hear the words of the Honourable Dame Quintin Bryce, patron to the Australian Age of Dinosaurs museum as well as Executive Chairman David Elliot. David took on the role of project manager and stayed on-site during the completion of Dinosaur Canyon in a caravan with his wife Judy, often starting before sunrise and finishing their day’s work on sundown. Australia is truly lucky to have David and Judy, who are fiercely passionate about keeping their community alive and creating a centre which celebrates Australia’s rich natural history. It is hoped that Dinosaur Canyon will act as a gateway to the site of a future museum complete with fossil preparation lab and exhibitions of fossils and geologic specimens collected from across the country. 

The latest attraction would not have been possible without the kindness and generosity of local townspeople and businesses who contributed their time and resources into Dinosaur Canyon. Among them is my wonderful boyfriend Harry, son of David and Judy tasked with creating the decorative steel panels seen throughout the outpost building and assisting with the creation of the wheelchair accessible concrete walkways. Saturday was the chance to blow off some steam and celebrate the work of many hard-working and dedicated people- but you better believe it doesn’t stop there. It is only the beginning. 

Monday, April 24, 2017

Pip & Pop

Wearing: Romance Was Born denim jacket, thrifted blouse, Cotton On shorts and Sophia Webster desert boots.

Although I should technically be on a shopping diet because of lack of money and return to study I could not get past this amazing denim jacket which I am super excited to have sitting in my wardrobe in all its rainbow psychedelic awesomeness. If Tame Impala were an item of clothing, they'd be this jacket. Made by my ultimate and happily unproblematic favourites Romance Was Born the print was made in collaboration with Australian artist Tanya Schultz. I'm awarding myself bonus points for embodying an actual Pip & Pop artwork by wearing this blouse. However, I do regret dressing it down with these sad-looking (but comfy) shorts as the shorts and jacket make me resemble Dora the Explorer a bit too much for my liking. The proportions are also a bit stuffed up because of the boots but they make me happy and I needed an extra dose of good vibes in addition to a big morning coffee. 

Friday, April 21, 2017

Mimi's World

Wearing: Diy top and Jeans were a gift.

It took three months for this outfit to come into being. Let me explain- Harry being Harry and having the innate sense to see when an object has potential handed me several homemade, vintage style dresses. One of the dresses had puffed cap sleeves, was maxi length, featured white lace and was purple with white polka dots. Even the maximalist in me was shaking in fear, how could one possibly wear such a dress and still pull it off! Enter the figure-hugging, tongue-in-cheek designs of Central Saint Martins graduate (and former model) Mimi Wade. While I am still utterly desperate to get my hands on any piece from her the dress had potential to be reincarnated as a fun and vibrant top. In my mind I envisioned long sleeves but that would require a lot of extra work and as already mentioned I struggled with even the most basic of sewing techniques. It's all been worthwhile though, and I still have a lot of fabric from the skirt of this dress for future projects.  

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

4 shoes to buy in 2017

If your new year’s resolution for this year was to stop paying too much money on clothes stop reading. The following may prove hazardous to your goals and ambitions, but for the rest of the world, us gals feeling somewhat lost on what the year’s biggest trends will be- listen up! Stiletto heels are going to be big this year and there are four key styles you should invest in for the year, sure to add a spring in your step and a glamorous touch to every outfit. 

The Statement Boot 

 You know the ones I’m talking about, the drop dead gorgeous pair of shoes that have you head over heels at the first unboxing and I have just the perfect pair in mind. Why not be a little daring with these lippy black boots, the perfect pair to wear with a little black dress or boyfriend jeans for those who want to keep it casual. 

The Cinderella Shoe 

Forget glass slippers, the barely there stiletto heel has become the ultimate shoe for black tie events and galas. This ultra chic pair are something I’ve searched high and lo across the kingdom for- there are similar styles online that retail for £425 (ouch!) but these heels are a pair that won’t break the bank. 

The Fringed Heels 

 These shoes are something I wanted to buy desperately towards the end of 2016, in either black or coral red. I love the tassel across the toe strap, it adds texture to any outfit and again are ideal for wearing on those lazy Sundays with a cream knit sweater, pair of jeans and red lipstick. Sometimes, the simple things in life are the best. 

The Bow Ankle Stiletto 

Another shoe I adored last year, ideal for those who love bright lipstick and making a bold statement. They’re also perfect for those are busily attending a number of weddings this year, the beige is beautiful and are sure to match with whatever dress you choose to wear as a wedding guest. If you prefer something a little more simple, be sure to check out the other stiletto styles at fsjshoes

If you’re a thinking of heading off to a music festival (and Coachella is just the beginning ladies and gentlemen) you can’t go past a pair of gladiator shoes. For those who love getting as close to the music stage as possible, flats are a must but for those who love to dress up there are a number of stiletto gladiator sandals too!

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Dragon Lady

Wearing: Discount Universe long sleeve top, thrifted cheongsam dress and Dr Martens boots.

I think the last time I wore this dress my hair was, in places, a disgusting shade of orange (I'm a third wave feminist allowed to indulge in a little self-loathing, right?) but it feels good to wear this cheongsam again. I still can't believe I picked it up at an op shop for $10 something which will surely never happen again given my current geographic location. On the bright side I might be able to squeeze in a little thrift store shopping when Harry and I head off to Townsville but at the moment eBay has been my Achille's heel. There have been so many good bargains and unfortunately very little self-restraint on my part but I'm looking forward to trying to hustle as hard as I can this next month. That means plenty of outfit posts to look forward to!

Monday, April 17, 2017

Facial lines

Sick of constantly being told to small every day? Yeah, me too. If you're ever in a position to try it, might I recommend the liberal use of a coloured eye pencil or better yet, the resting bitchface tote bag from Fendi. I'm sadly too broke to afford the later but at some stage I'll need to try the makeup look.

1- Fendi and 2- via Super Hero Mag.

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Erdem Fall 2017

The meeting of two women bonded through family ties- this is where Erdem Moralioglu turned to for inspiration for Fall 2017. The Canadian-born designer took inspiration from his heritage, Turkish on his father’s side and English on his mother’s and generated a collection evoked by a conversation between his two grandmothers. Being biracial myself, at times trying to resolve and better understand one’s identity can become an all-consuming task but here the maestro has focused all his energy on creating something beautiful. A rich kaleidoscope of fabrics and melange of different prints helped shape the reinterpretation of Turkish Ottoman fashion, marrying it with British Victorian sensibilities. The fabrics were rich, the colours even richer with floor-length dresses with long flared sleeves and high collars made from satins, vibrant florals and plush velvets in mustards and rose paired. Brocade featured heavily, creating the season’s most enviable series of long jackets, worn with Ottoman belted layers and trousers made in matching brocades. They were second only to the impressive fur coats featuring crystal appliques. 

Set in what Suzy Menkes described as a ‘raw room’ featuring the dust cover sheets thrown over a stuffed bear and chandeliers with an upturned piano in the corner, the collection was as much about print as it was faded glamor. The chaotic furniture in its own way perfectly complemented the balloon sleeves, accentuated shoulders and pristine white ruffled dresses worn over embroidered and embellished transparent slips. In contrast, long pastel lace gowns seemed more fitting dotted along the idyllic English countryside. Whatever the case, it all seems to fit within the poetic, romantic and at times, slightly gothic vintage aesthetic several designers, including Erdem have sought to explore this season (is it the Gucci effect?). The trend plays to Erdem’s strengths, craftsmanship, femininity but the devil is in the detail. This season also had its own selection of matching footwear, from platform sandals, open ribbon laced boots, platform boots to pointed toe slippers. The man repeller in me wants to try them all on for size (and let’s be honest, keep all the shoes including the ones I can’t walk in). 

It wasn’t all muted towns and fancy lacework, although I must admit it too has taken on its own exotic and glamorous connotations since seeing this collection. The presentation ended on a high, with sequined balloon sleeve ball gowns making their entrance and within a flash of sequins it was all over. Because being a grandmother does not make one except from events on the social calendar and no matter the age, style is style and honestly who doesn’t love a big old sparkly dress and having a boogie late into the night?

*Photos 1-26 shot by Luca Tombolini via Vogue, 27-32 by Portia Hunt for Purple and 33-43 shot by Ambra Vernuccio for The Upcoming.