Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Esther Kim x Lazy Oaf

If you like me are kicking yourself because you missed out on buying one of these amazing Lazy Oaf in collaboration with Esther Kim jackets, don't worry. Missguided have a similar style, which you can buy and adorn in as many cute bunny appliques as your heart desires. 

Monday, September 18, 2017

Molly Goddard Spring 2018

It’s hard to believe it’s been over three years since Molly Goddard entered London Fashion scene floating on a cloud of tulle. Her graduate collection took inspiration from her christening gown, made from hand-smocked tulle with the pattern blown up to gargantuan proportions and reimagined in pastel tones. Since then we’ve watched Goddard’s girls grow up; they’ve partied at their sweet sixteenth and taking part in a life drawing class, complete with naked middle-aged man. It’s been a wild ride, and during that time her dresses have become not only the stuff of fairy tales, but the cool girl’s answer to the conventional princess dress. As a matter of fact, Agyness Deyn is a fan and decided to wear the most gorgeous dress by Molly Goddard on the most special occasion, her wedding day. Spring 2018 marked a departure from the conventionally pretty gowns, opening with Edie Campbell carrying wine glass in one hand, cigarette in the other dressed in a floor-length dress in white paired with battered Frye boots. Like the girl herself, the dress wasn’t perfect and a little off-centre with the empire waist slightly off-kilter.

While I love the authenticity and imperfection of Goddard’s creations, there was also a bit more substance to this particular collection. The child-like silhouettes were still there, but under a different guise, rendered in heavy cotton alongside the signature tulle. Draped dresses in some instances were also paired with pinstripe cotton, and structured blazers shining like satin jewels. In Goddard’s own words, “I wanted to do something a bit more grown-up”. In spite of growing up, the unabashedly naughty attitude of Goddard’s girls was infectious, with vampy antics on the runway, including models twirling on white plinths to the whoops and cries of the audience. It can be incredibly difficult for a designer to stand out during Fashion Month with literally hundreds of shows taking place throughout September, but few can create a frock quite like Molly Goddard. This season she perfected the body-con party frock, proving those epic tulle dresses more akin to frothy concoctions or layered cake worked well as miniature versions. 


Wearing: Thrifted kimono, Asos top, Romance Was Born leggings and Dr Martens boots.

You're either someone who wears leggings as pants, or you're not. During high school I was firmly against wearing leggings as part of our school uniform for sport. In fairness, Romance Was Born were just starting to experiment with digital printing, and I had no disposable income to purchase their incredible leggings. I have been checking Romance Was Born on eBay everyday for the past three years (at least) and managed to snag these amazing leggings for less than $50. It was so worth it- they're super comfortable and something I would love to wear to a festival! Harry my boyfriend thinks it's hilarious when I wear them though, as the koi design is on the front and back, with a large pair of fishy eyes printed squarely and firmly on my butt! A long shirt, duster jacket or kimono masks the print on the back quite nicely.

Halpern Spring 2018

Creating a visually stunning collection is one thing, but to have your first become successful and economically viable is another. It’s refreshing to be able to simply comment on just how good the clothes are, rather than the relevance of a brand with a long and often prestigious history. That said, it’s a pleasure to know that there’s a bright future for a high calibre designer like Michael Halpern. The 30-year-old American has already carved out a name for himself, with his first collection delivery sending many women, myself included into an absolute frenzy. Linda Fargo of Bergdorf Goodman can hardly recall a designer being as successful straight out the gate, and I can scarcely believe it myself. It’s true with social media the reputation of a new and little known designer can spread like wild fire, but to have your first collection sell through a retailer like Bergdorf Goodman is something else. Normally it's near-impossible as a mere mortal to be able to purchase and wear clothing from a graduate collection. Although this does come at a cost, but if you can afford to pay over a grand for a pair of trousers you better have a good plan as to wear you're going to wear them!

Susie Lau of Style Bubble was one of many to purchase a pair of sequinned flares from the Halpern Fall 2017 collection, noting that many sizes had already sold out but gleefully rubbing her hands at the thought of more to come. It’s the perfect antidote to the doom and gloom US politics brings, with an explosion of multicoloured sequins an instant mood-changer. That explosion happened to take place at London’s Palladium Theatre, a venue which ushered in performances by Judy Garland and The Beatles in the early 60s. Halpern though is clearly a fan of the 70s, with animal prints reimagined in sequins the reappearance of flares, those signature bustiers and culminating in the sculptural lurex cocktail dresses. Adding to his already impressive repertoire were the most glorious tailored pantsuits, one a blue floral brocade affair and the other an experiment in good-bad taste by way of cheetah print in gold. On paper I would have cringed at the thought, but anything goes during London Fashion Week and I can't wait to see what Michael Halpern does next. Only six months away!